Investing in Chairman's Brands

Invest in Chairman's Brands

Chairman's Brands has grown into one of the largest franchise companies in Canada, with 7 diverse quick-serve restaurant brands in our portfolio. Chairman's has also grown internationally, with unique restaurant chains in 5 countries which creates many opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

Chairman's Brands has a long history of success and proven industry leadership. Over four decades in the restaurant industry has provided us with a vast amount of experience that, over time, has transformed into a vast amount of expertise.  We have developed the infrastructure to support a solid partnership with our franchisees, which builds consistent growth and performance.

We currently have a footprint of over 440 locations and are focused on expanding our revenue pipeline.  Chairman's Brands is looking to collaborate with the investment community, real estate developers or retail/hotel partners, to develop a footprint in key geographic regions.

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If you are interested in a Chairman's Brands franchise opportunity and believe you have what is necessary to succeed, please select a brand below to find out more. 

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